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Take root in Shanghai, do distributed trust it what made the owner of the apartment?

Date: 2019-09-04

Only leasing industry overall ecological good, in which the enterprise can have a long-term development space, combine a lot of to do is to start from their own, improve ecological that rent a house.

Last August, because le gal apartment BaoLei events, rent the apartment sector again in question.Official survey, le gal apartment is mainly engaged in distributed housing rental business, widely used in "high ended lower rent" model for housing and customers, and use the cash rent period mismatch formation of the "pool" rapidly expanding scale of operation."Wandering" mode of operation is BaoLei buried hidden trouble.The BaoLei, affect the eight cities such as nanjing, suzhou, hundreds of thousands of families, landlord and tenant become the greatest victims to the event.

Actually, bankruptcy, run can exist in most industries, in the rental housing industry can cause even more, are the people's livelihood is to rent the apartment, once has the apartment bankruptcy, influence is including supply side owner, needs, and tenants of the lease.Savage growth earlier because of this, long rent apartments are gradually gaining access to government regulation, rely on laws and regulations to standardize trade development.

"Past experience, if not forgotten,", the current apartment industry, especially distributed apartment, need to learn of the lesson, to reflect business model, and the more important is to restore the apartment and trust mechanism between landlord and tenant, revive the confidence of the industry development.

As distributed apartment, there's a apartment in Shanghai development enterprises, not only do legal compliance management, also regularly hold owner exchange activities, keep good mechanism of mutual benefit and mutual trust with the owner.Such a warm heart for the apartment in the present industry is a positive energy.

Take root in Shanghai to do the masses satisfy the apartment.

The apartment was founded in 2015 in Shanghai even more.As the operator, must shoulder at the ends of the landlord and tenant demand.Combine many know own responsibility, on the other hand, contain a lot through the way of deposit quantity property, satisfy Shanghai striver renting house, on the other hand, combine did a lot to professional capacity and standardized products more efficiently manage assets owner, with robust for owner.Combine of existence, like between the tenant and the owner link, achieve mutual satisfaction, of providing the maximum value.

Rent the apartment is an emphasis on careful and sense of responsibility, shall get rich quick, decentralized apartment but also need to pay more patience, completes the operation management.From the beginning of birth, and more to clear the steady operation and root development strategy of Shanghai.

Refused to radical crazy expansion mode, easy to win, selective access to housing, do each operation node refinement and standardization, which contain a lot through the capital in recent years, continuous BaoLei industries through the ebb, grow up step by step, and set up the apartment in Shanghai industry assured reliable business reputation.

Combine many homes map

By 2019 you'll have a lot successful layout in addition to the Shanghai fengxian, jinshan, chongming all areas of management between the homes of 15000 +, the end of 2019, combine a lot of planning to break through 34000 + management scale, service more landlord and tenant.

Strengthen the interaction with the vendor, to build benign ecological rent.

Understand properties is the foundation for the development of the apartment, on the basis of the management of housing quality upgrade and, combine a lot of very valued its relationship with the owners of maintenance.It seems to contain a lot of founder Wei Liangqing, combine with the owner a lot is not only a business relations of cooperation, but also the interests of the community of solidarity.To maintain the harmonious relationship between the owner and the cornerstone of the development of the trust relationship of providing more.

Therefore, combine a lot of Open Day and thanks will held monthly owner, enhance the communication with the owner, let owner immediately understand contain a lot of the latest trends.In may this year, you'll also set up a lot, "owner's service center" for the owners to provide exclusive service.Combine many also registered the official WeChat ID "combine many homeowners associations" will be the owners together, not to launch a variety of welfare activities on a regular basis.